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Medical Furniture Hospital Bedside Table Loading and Shipping


1. The overall adopt ABS material injection molding, high strength, abrasion resistance, scratch resistant, corrosion, acid and alkali proof, etc.), beautiful appearance generous, choose blue and white color.
2. The head of a bed is composed of cabinet put oneself in another's position, surface cover, cupboard door, drawer, drawing board, towel rack and so on, pull plate design with water glass and thermometer placed groove.
3. Cabinet put oneself in another's position is bedside table shape into a circular arc shape, left and right two sides with a folded towel rack, hidden required will be stretched out, and vice collapsed when not in use, is placed in type in the body on the side of the cabinet put oneself in another's position, Angle range from 90 degrees;A cabinet put oneself in another's position inside walls.
4. The cupboard door shake handshandle characteristics accord with human body engineering principle, cupboard door inside have magnet suck, add to add a layer of tin in make it more sturdy and durable.
5. Equipped with comprehensive shoe rack.

Technical Parameter:

Bed size: 480*480*880mm
Material: ABS
Usage: Patient room;Medical Cabinets
Color: customised
Certificate1: ISO13485 compressed mattress
Certificate2 CE compressed mattress
Max safe load: 15kg

Video of loading and shipping:

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