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Operating Room Surgical Lights Troubleshooting Tips

What should you do when operating room surgical lights don't work properly? Do you know the following tips for light troubleshooting?

Here are some practical and useful tips for operating room surgical lights troubleshooting, to help hospital medical staff maintain and repair surgical lights in operation room (OR), when your light don't work properly.

operating room surgical lights

(1) Main light isn't working, auxiliary light is on.

ZF (halogen) series operating room surgical light's circuit controlling system has an automatic switch function, when the main light breaks down, the auxiliary light will turn on to ensure the operation smooth process, the main light should be replaced immediately after the surgery.

(2) Both lights are not bright

Open top cover, check the safety wire whether fused or not, and whether supply voltage is normal, if both of them work well, please find professional staff to repair them.

(3) Power transformer damaged

In general, there are two reasons that caused damage to the transformer, supply voltage problem and short circuit which caused large current, if it's the second reason, please find professional staff to repair it.

(4) Fuse wire frequently breaks down

Check the bulb in use whether configured according to the specified rated power, the bulb which is configured with large power will lead to fuse wire beyond its capacity of rated current and caused damage to the fuse wire, check supply voltage whether it is normal or not.

(5) The disinfection handle was out of shape

Disinfection handle of the operating room surgical lights can use high temperature to sterilize (details in operating instructions), please note that the handle should not be pressed by weight when disinfected, it may cause transformation.

(6) Light isn't working after adjusting the angle of surgical light

This is largely because of the sensor at both ends of the surgical light's rotating arm, it may appear poor connection problems after a period of use, in this case, it's time to find professional staff to maintain and repair your light.

(7) Operating room surgical lights shifting

After a period of use, due to the heavy weight of the lamp head, surgical light needs large friction to position, may generate movement, In this situation you can tighten the locating screw at the top of the spring arm, to increase the friction.

(8) Hole type surgical light brightness dimming

The reflector glass bowl of hole type surgical light adopt coating film technology. In general, coating film technology can only ensure two years’ service life, the coating will have problems after two years, such as reflector darkening, blistering and so on, therefore, in this case, you'll need to replace the reflector glass bowl.

(9) Emergency light

Clients purchasing emergency lights, whether used or not, must ensure that storage batteries are fully charged every three months, otherwise the battery will be damaged.

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