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Ideal Shadowless Operating Lamp Features

Shadowless operating lamp is a very important surgical equipment in operating room. It is used for lighting during special operations and has a great impact on surgical safety, quality, efficiency, the ability of surgeons to continue to work, eye hygiene, etc. As an ideal shadowless operating light, it should have the following characteristics.

shadowless operating lamp

1. Good shadowless effect

Typically, surgical lighting is known as a shadowless operating lamp. This is in the diameter of 50~100 cm lampshade, with several or a dozen lamp ball arranged evenly in a ring. The lamp ball star uses a special bulb and reflector, to collect light from different angles and gather it on the illuminated surface. Objects illuminated by this shadowless operating light, interactions of intersecting rays encountered, turning the shadow reflected on the illuminated surface into a very slight vignette, and a clear surgical field can be obtained during surgery. As a shadowless operating lamp, it must have a a good shadow-free effect. Shadowless is an important characteristic and performance indicator of shadowless operation lamp. Any shadow that forms during surgery can hinder the operator's vision, ability to distinguish and ability to operate. In addition to providing sufficient illumination, the ideal shadowless operation lamp source should have high shadowless effect to ensure that the surface and deeper parts of the tissue at the surgical site have a certain luminosity. The shadowless portion of the shadowless operating light is shown in the picture.

good shadowless effect

2. High Illumination Intensity

Surgical procedures are the most intense visual operations. Operating lighting should have a high illumination degree to reduce visual fatigue and improve working efficiency. Regulations vary from country to country on the fine operation of lighting standards. For example, to see less than 0-15 mm diameter objects, France 1200 lux, Germany 2000 lux, the United Kingdom 3000 lux, the United States 5000 ~ 10,000 lux, Japan 700 ~ 1500 lux, China is tentatively set at 2000 lux. Different parts of the operation, some deep body cavity surgery, require good light gathering, high illumination, Japan in accordance with industrial standards JISZ9110 ~ 1969, 2000 lux of illumination specified within 30cm diameter in the surgical field. High brightness is a requirement for surgical lighting. High intensity of illumination is a requirement for surgical lighting, most countries consider illumination level between 60,000 and 100,000 lux to be appropriate, equivalent to the outdoor illumination at noon in summer when the sun is directly shining, too bright can affect vision. The glare of light beams on surgical instruments should be avoided while providing sufficient illumination. Glare can affect eyesight and vision, easily make the eye tired, not conducive to the smooth operation. The illumination of the shadowless operating lamp and the overall illumination of the operating room should be a certain ratio, and the illumination of the two should not differ too much, The United States requires illumination in the operating room to be greater than 1000 lux. Japan stipulates that the illumination of the overall lighting is 1:10 of the illumination of the local lighting, in other words, the overall lighting for the operating room should be over 1000 lux.

shadowless operating light

3. Less heat dissipation and low temperature rise

As the illumination level increases, it will cause the temperature of the lamp body and beam to rise. The hot beam of the shadowless operating light shines directly on the operator's head and surgical site tissue, which can affect the efficiency and quality of the surgery. For this reason, countries around the world are taking the problem very seriously, and developing new surgical lighting to reduce the temperature rise of the lamp. In recent years, a new type of operating room cold light shadowless operating lamp has been developed. The lights include optical systems and some cold light reflectors. When used, this lamp produces more light with less heat than all previous surgical lighting equipment. Due to the nature of the cold light reflector, only visible light can reach the illuminated area, the output of the shadowless operation lamp is definitely cold light. As well as the use of chemicals, alternating coating on the reflector to heat dissipation and light gathering, and the heat-wave reflector coating apparatus is then assembled in front of the bulb, allowing visible light from the source to pass through and filter out 70% of infrared light, with most of the rest isolated and filtered out by the glass enclosure. The light beam after the above treatment is called cold light, this kind of cold light shadowless operating light, not only less heat, but also high illumination, It's currently the ideal surgical lighting equipment at present.

cold light shadowless operating lamp

4. Good color rendering effect

What is called, that is, the beam provided can truly reflect the color of blood and tissue and its changes. Objects of the same color, different colors appear when illuminated by light sources with different spectral power distribution, the performance of the light source to reveal the color of the object being illuminated, called the color rendering of the light source. The light required during surgery, not only can you see the color of the blood, and must be able to clearly distinguish changes in blood color and tissue changes, the light of the shadowless operating lamp is required to have excellent color rendering. There is a difference in blood color seen under an incandescent lamp and a fluorescent lamp, the nature of the object's color is determined by the color rendering of the light source. Internationally defined reference light source color rendering index is 100, high color rendering index and low color distortion, that is, the color rendering of the light source is good; And the lower the color rendering index, the greater distortion, that is, the color rendering of the light source is not good. For example, the color rendering index for incandescent and tungsten halogen lamps ranges from 95 to 99, and for fluorescent tubes from 65 to 80. The color rendering of the light source is closely related to the color temperature, objects emit light and heat at high temperatures, and the temperature will change the light color. Light colors can be expressed in terms of color temperature, the unit is absolute temperature K, up to 6000k color temperature is required, true color rendering is about 70 to 90, effective color rendering is close to 100.

color rendering index

5. Easy to operate

During surgery, the position and direction of the shadowless operating lamp should be changed frequently according to the need, operations must be simple, flexible, lightweight, fast and braking efficient. Devices for adjusting focus and illumination should be set, and sterilizable operating handle in the middle of the lamp body, so that the operator can adjust the position and direction of the lamp, the focus and illumination at any time.

shadowless operating lamp adjustment

6. Good emergency response capability

Sudden power outage during surgery can interfere with the procedure and have serious consequences, conditional medical units, all self-provided emergency power generation and lighting equipment. As the ideal shadowless operating light, it should be equipped with AC/DC composite power supply and power supply automatic switching device, can better deal with sudden power outages, always ensure the smooth operation. Mobile shadowless operating lamp not only has good lighting performance, as well as general ceiling surgical lighting to meet daily use, but also has high mobility and ability to deal with adverse environment.

mobile shadowless operating lamp

7. Good economy and security

Economy mainly refers to high luminescence efficiency, low power consumption and long life, new technologies, new techniques and new materials should be actively adopted, efforts to improve product quality and reduce costs. When using, it is important to note that the offset of the supply voltage should not be greater than 2.5%, as the variation of the power supply voltage has a significant impact on the bulb's lifetime and luminescence efficiency. In recent years, the structure of shadowless operating lamp tends to be large and complicated, its safety must be considered, mainly refers to its electrical safety performance. Wiring connection of electrical devices should comply with the regulations, ensure absolute safety when using.

shadowless operation lamp

8. Other aspects

The operating room is one of the cleanest places in the medical facility. The lamp body should be made of materials that are difficult to adhere to the dust, the surface is smooth and flat, there should be no bumpy phenomenon, so that cleaning to keep the lamp body clean. The structural strength and weight of the shadowless operating lamp cannot be ignored, made of high quality and light materials as much as possible, and mechanical safety should be taken into account during the installation of the lamp.

led shadowless operating lamp

With the development of surgery, there is a growing demand for shadowless operating lamp. From single to satisfy brightness requirements to multidisciplinary comprehensive requirements, such as optics, mechanics, materials science and hygiene etc. The ideal shadowless operating light should provide high quality uniform and comfortable beam, with the characteristics of sufficient illumination, excellent color rendering of the light source, good shadowless effect, and low temperature rise, and taking into account other, to meet the needs of modern surgical procedures.

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