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Medical Gas Pendant - All-round Understanding of Tower of Life in Operating Room

Medical gas pendant are mainly used for terminal transportation of medical gas, power supply and placement of various surgical equipment. As the complexity of the operating room construction increases, in addition to the above functions, the pendant in integrated operating room also has the function of providing a variety of video and audio cable access, the maximum reasonable management of the operating room cable.

medical gas pendant

Let's start with the power supply, air supply and equipment placement to understand the medical gas pendant.

Power supply: the power plug on the pendant, the power supply used are all isolation power. Isolated power supply is a very important element in operating room construction, which can maximize the safety of operators, patients and equipments. There are different standards for plugs, the most common are national standards. Of course, different sockets can be configured according to the different power interfaces of external device.

medical gas pendant plugs

Note: according to the operating room construction standard, in addition to pendant power supply, the wall-mounted power supply scheme is also required. The two power supply schemes are independent of each other to ensure the operation is safe.

Gas supply: Each gas connector has a different color and different gas connectors cannot be used universally to ensure safety. Gas terminals are available in different standards such as German Standard, American Standard and National Standard.

medical gas pendant connector

Note: According to the operating room construction standard, in addition to the pendant air supply system, the operating room requires a wall-mounted air supply scheme, and the two air supply systems are independent of each other.

Equipment placement: Medical pendants mainly use splints to place equipment, and individuals can implement the equipment layout by means of motor lift trolley.

Next, let's talk about the types, characteristics and applications of the medical gas pendant.

ICU pendant: ICU pendants usually take the form of beams, which are easy to move and place equipment. Therefore, it's more appropriate to say "ICU bridge". Lifting forms are divided into electric lifting and non-electric lifting, and multi-layer board are used to place equipment. Mainly realize the supply of electricity and gas.

ICU pendant

Operating room anesthesia pendant: The primary function of the anesthetic pendant is to provide the patient with anesthesia gas. Compared with other medical pendant, anesthesia pendant plus AGFS (anesthesia exhaust connection) and oxide connection. The anesthetic pendant is usually placed on the right side of the patient's head to facilitate the anesthesiologist's operation.

The anesthesia pendant is divided into electric and non-electric, the electric one can lift the anesthesia machine to move.

anesthesia pendant

Operating room equipment pendant: Operating room equipment pendant is different from anesthesia pendant. Equipment pendant is mainly used to place the operating theatre related equipment and provide power to the equipment. Especially in the integrated operating room, where the pendant also contains a number of video and audio cables inside. The installation position of the equipment pendant needs to be determined according to different types of surgery.

Equipment pendant with electric and non-electric, single-arm and double-arm distinction. Electric pendant mainly rise and fall through the motor, while non-electric pendant can only mechanically move position and not lifting. In addition, the radius of motion of the two-arm pendant is larger than that of the one-arm pendant.

equipment pendant

In addition, several concepts should be clarified.

Extracorporeal pendants: There is no dedicated extracorporeal circulation pendant. Equipment pendants, anesthetic pendants or operating room wall systems can be used to power the extracorporeal circulation equipment during surgery. In practical applications, some medical gas pendants are called extracorporeal circulation pendants.

Surgical pendants, equipment pendants and endoscopic pendants, strictly speaking, these three pendants indicate the same medical supply unit. Only certain accessories are configured slightly differently, such as with drawers, infusion racks or not, etc...

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